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Automotive Defects

Leaders in Automotive Defects Class Action

We depend on our cars to get us to work, school, errands, and more, and we trust that our cars are designed to keep our families safe and secure. But, even with modern advances in engineering, we continue to see stories in the business pages of auto manufacturers who cut corners on safety and overlooked fatal dangers to increase corporate profits at the expense of you the consumer. The big automakers have scores of high-powered attorneys both in-house and on retainer to defeat individual claims, but by working with the class action leaders at Herrington Law, you can join forces with other consumers victimized by the actions of car manufacturers and win the justice you deserve in an automotive defect class action suit.

How Automotive Defects Hurt Consumers Like You

An automotive defect is a problem with your car stemming from a problem with the design or manufacture of your car which negatively affects the use, safety, or value of your car. These can range from problems with your which devalue your car, such as low gas mileage, to far more dangerous issues such as sudden acceleration or braking/shifting problems such as the defect that led to Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin's death in 2016 and led to a recall of over 1.1 million Jeep Grand Cherokees.

Even if your physical health is not threatened by an automotive defect, you and consumers like you can be hurt financially, as the cost of a new vehicle – currently averaging over $33,000 – is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make, behind a home. Common types of automotive defects include:

  • Engine problems
  • Steering problems
  • Acceleration issues
  • Faulty air bags
  • Shifting issues
  • Wiring failures
  • Gas and mileage

Winning Justice Through Automotive Defect Class Actions

If your car is still under warranty and delivered to you within the past year (or longer in some states), you may have a lemon law claim under your state's law, which can provide you with a refund of your purchase price. But where an automotive design or manufacturing defect has affected numerous car owners, oftentimes the best way to achieve justice is to join forces with other consumers via a class action brought against the manufacturer.

Through a class action, many consumers can leverage their claims through the guidance of an experienced class action attorney who can litigate and/or negotiate towards a verdict and settlement which compensates all affected consumers who opt into the case, whether they actively participate in the case or not. At Herrington Law, we represent consumers in both lemon law and automotive defect class actions and can advise you on your particular situation.

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