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Door and Trunk Issues

With today's modern automotive engineering, what used to be a relatively inexpensive issue with a car's door or trunk not opening or closing properly can turn into a consumer nightmare. For example, numerous Toyota Highlanders were reported to have defects with their rear “liftgates” which caused the rear trunk mechanism to be inaccessible or to break, with average repair costs running up to $5,000 per incident.

If you have a door or trunk issue that prevents you from enjoying the full use or value of your automobile which was the result of faulty manufacturing (and not as a result of damage you inflicted), you may be able to bring a lemon law claim or join in an automotive defect class action to win financial recovery for your consumer injuries. At Herrington Law in Jackson, Mississippi, our attorneys have decades of experiencing in championing the cause of auto consumers in Mississippi and nationwide, and we have taken on the nation's largest automakers in pursuit of justice on behalf of our clients.

Signs You Have a Door and Trunk Issue

Obviously, if you have been in a collision involving damage to a door or trunk, it is possible your damages are not due to a defect. That said, in many cases, problems with power mechanisms involved with a door or trunk are indeed due to manufacturer error and/or defects. Common signs of a door and/or trunk defect include:

  • Doors and trunks that are stuck in closed position
  • Doors and trunks that open without user activation
  • Doors and trunks that do not respond to keys/fobs
  • Doors and trunks that open due to non-user key/fobs
  • Child locks improperly opening or failing to open

Bringing a Lemon Law Claim or Automotive Defect Class Action

If you took delivery of your car within the last year in Mississippi, your car is under a manufacturer's warranty, and you have presented the car to the manufacturer for repair on at least three occasions (or the car has been inoperable for 15 days), you may be eligible to pursue a lemon law claim. Our team will work with you to determine if you have a Mississippi lemon law claim and to recover the full purchase price of your car plus fees (offset by mileage).

If other car owners have experienced similar door or trunk issues with your model, you may be eligible to join an automotive defect class action. Our legal team will advise you fully with regard to whether you are eligible to join a class action and how we can help you win financial recovery for your losses.

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