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Food Mislabeling

The old saying “you are what you eat” may be cliched, but it is true. We all depend on the parties who produce our food to tell us the truth about what is in that food, and few things are more invasive and harmful than being given inaccurate, incomplete, or misrepresentative information about the products that you and your family are ingesting and depending upon for continued health and sustenance. All too often, food producers place a priority on increasing profits over providing consumers with the accurate information they need to make healthy decisions for themselves and their families. But there is a way to fight back against this profoundly damaging breach of trust. The class action leaders at Herrington Law are industry leaders in bringing food mislabeling class actions against some of the world's largest companies, and will fight on your behalf to win the financial recovery you and consumers like you are owed.

Common Food Mislabeling Claims

We are bombarded with advertisements for food everywhere we go, all espousing claims about the benefits of that food. While the law provides some leeway for the types of advertising statements that may be made to promote the benefits of food, federal law provides strict guidelines regarding what can and cannot be said regarding the contents and benefits of the food. If you read a label on a food product which turned out to be false or misleading, it is likely that many other consumers were similarly misled and you may be entitled to bring or participate in a class action to win financial recovery for your losses.

Common types of food mislabeling claims include assertions that:

  • The calories or fat content were inaccurately stated
  • The food was inaccurately described as “natural” or “organic”
  • The food was presented as having health benefits that are inaccurate
  • The ingredients in the food were misrepresented
  • The label failed to include certain ingredients

Bringing a Food Mislabeling Claim

If you believe that you a food that you purchased misrepresented some significant aspect of the food such as the ingredients included or its health benefits, the first step is to contact an experienced food mislabeling attorney. At Herrington Law, we have brought numerous class actions on behalf of consumers injured by the actions of large food producers.

When bringing a food mislabeling class action, our experienced team fully investigates the food mislabeling practices at all potentially liable defendants to gather evidence supporting the claim, while working with experts to build a case on our clients' behalf and locating other injured plaintiffs to maximize financial recovery in either a settlement or verdict at trial.

Our mission is to always place the concerns of our clients as our highest priority in all that we do in order to obtain the justice that consumers victimized by the practices of large food manufacturers deserve.

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