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Transmission Problems

When your automobile's transmission runs into serious problems, you could be facing unwanted costs in the thousands of dollars. Experts indicate that the cost to rebuild a transmission can run between $3,000 and $4,000 while the cost of replacing a transmission can run all the way up to $8,000. Certainly, transmissions can develop problems after long periods of heavy use, but the average transmission should last well over 100,000 miles with proper care. If you have developed a transmission problem in your car requiring an expensive remedy early in the automobile's life cycle, you may have a defective automobile on your hands.

Bringing a lemon law claim or joining in an automotive defect class action may be the proper route to pursuing your rights as a consumer and obtaining the financial recovery you deserve. At Herrington Law in Jackson, Mississippi, our attorneys have decades of experiencing in championing the cause of auto consumers in Mississippi and nationwide, and we have taken on the nation's largest automakers in pursuit of justice on behalf of our clients.

Signs You May Have a Defective Transmission

You should of course speak with a mechanic regarding the issues that you are experiencing with your automobile, but manufacturer-owned servicers and other parties may be unable or unwilling to present you with the full story regarding whether you have a defective transmission. Common signs that you may have a defective transmission include:

  • Burning smells while driving
  • Noise coming from the transmission even in neutral
  • Consistent slipping between gears
  • Inability to lock into gear
  • Whining, whistling, banging, and clanging noises
  • Consistent leaking of fluids
  • Shaking of car
  • Delay of going into gear

Bringing a Lemon Law or Class Action Claim

When you speak with our legal team, we can advise you on whether you have grounds to bring a lemon law claim or a class action claim.

In a Mississippi lemon law claim, your car must still be under the manufacturer's warranty and the car must have been delivered to you within a year. You must also have given the manufacturer a reasonable number of attempts to fix the problem, meaning three attempts or inoperability of the car for at least 15 days. In a successful lemon law claim, you can recover the full cost of the car plus fees (offset by total miles driven).
Regardless of whether you qualify for a lemon law claim, you can also qualify to join an automotive defect class action in connection with your transmission problems if a significant number of other auto consumers have been affected by a similar issue. Our legal team will advise you fully with regard to whether you are eligible to join a class action and how we can help you win financial recovery for your losses.

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