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Pharmaceutical Products

The pharmaceutical industry is expected to hit the $1 trillion mark in the next several years, as consumers like you are expected to pay more and more for the drugs you depend on for your health. Sadly, far too many pharmaceutical companies have sought to increase their profits ever further by releasing drugs into the marketplace which present grave risks to consumers, and in many cases the pharmaceutical companies either fail to properly test their products or simply ignore such risks to customers in the name of pumping up their stock value.

But there is a way to fight back against large pharmaceutical companies that profit off patient's pain. At Herrington Law in Jackson, Mississippi, we are on the side of individuals injured by defective drugs and will do whatever it takes to win justice against the pharmaceutical industry through litigating class action lawsuits on our clients' behalf.

Why Bring a Pharmaceutical Product Class Action?

Whether the injuries you or a family member have suffered from a defective drug are relatively minor or are much more serious, long-term, and even deadly, you deserve justice, and pharmaceutical companies should be held accountable and not allowed to profit off of your pain. By bringing or joining a class action, you can join together with other injured victims across the country to leverage your power against the powerful pharmaceutical companies.

Proving fault on the part of pharmaceutical companies in a defective drug case is often a prolonged effort involving complex scientific data and extensive amounts of pre-trial discovery. But, because plaintiffs in defective drug cases are often injured in similar ways based on the same underlying conduct by the defendants, plaintiffs can band together in a class action, forcing defendants to take their concerns seriously. Settlements in defective drug class actions frequently reach into the tens of millions of dollars or more.

What to Do if You've Been Injured by a Pharmaceutical Product

If you feel that you have been injured by a pharmaceutical product, chances are that you are not alone. When you contact us at Herrington Law, we will do everything we can to determine if you have a viable claim for your injuries and then help you navigate your options for either commencing a class action or joining an existing class action to help you recover any financial damages to which you are entitled.  

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Herrington Law in Jackson, Mississippi has become a class action leader because of its constant focus on what matters most: obtaining justice for individual plaintiffs who have been wronged by defendants. We have built strong relationships over the decades with co-counsel across the country, all in pursuit of providing outstanding outcomes for the people who matter most: our clients. Contact us to set up a free consultation today regarding filing or joining a pharmaceutical product class action lawsuit.

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