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Documents You Should Keep in the Event You May Have Bought a Lemon

Posted by Brian K. Herrington | Jan 18, 2017 | 0 Comments

Documents you should keep in the event you may have bought a lemon

The term “lemon” is often used to refer to any car that is purchased where the consumer is later unpleasantly surprised to learn there is an issue affecting the use, value, or safety of the car which was not known at the time of purchase. But whether or not you have a lemon which qualifies for your state's lemon laws is a question that requires some deeper analysis. Most states have their own versions of a lemon law, which is intended to provide the buyer with a refund of their purchase price, but there are some broad similarities that most of these lemon laws share. Accordingly, there are a number of documents that you should be sure to hold on to should you need to later bring a lemon law claim.

How Lemon Laws Generally Work

Again, every state will have its own particular requirements in pursuing a lemon law case, but most lemon laws include some of the following requirements:

  • The car should be under a manufacturer's warranty, whether it is used or new.
  • The manufacturer should have been made aware of the issue and given a chance to remedy it.
  • A reasonable number of repair attempts should have been made.
  • The claim must be brought within a certain period after delivery of the car.
  • The problem with the car cannot be due to misuse, abuse, lack of care, or an accident while the car is in the owner's possession.

Important Documents to Keep For Your Claim

With the above lemon law concerns in mind, here are some of the documents you should be sure to obtain and keep in preparation for potentially bringing a lemon law claim:

  • Purchase records showing the full price paid and delivery date of car
  • Any receipts for taxes or fees associated with the car
  • All documents related to the manufacturer's warranty
  • Records of repair attempts related to the lemon law defect
  • All other repair and maintenance records (to counter claims you were responsible for the defect)
  • Any insurance records related to collisions or other issues with the car
  • Any and all correspondence with the manufacturer
  • All records which would indicate how long the car has been out of commission due to repair attempts

Trusted, Experienced Legal Representation in Your Mississippi Lemon Law Case

By working with an experienced lemon law attorney in Mississippi, you can increase your chances of obtaining a full and speedy recovery of the purchase price of your car. At Herrington Law, we have successfully represented auto consumers across Mississippi in recovering the purchase price of their cars, and are committed to winning justice for auto consumers who've suffered losses through no fault of their own. Contact us today to begin assessing and pursuing your claim as quickly as possible.

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